Production and Engineering

Adam Abeshouse has over 20 years of experience in producing and engineer classical recordings of the highest quality, and is known for consistently achieving the best possible performances from the artists he records. His objective is to create an engaging, clear, and naturally blended sound that showcase the music and musicians at their best.

To achieve this, Mr. Abeshouse draws on his own background as a musician to maintain an atmosphere during recording sessions in which artists are able to achieve peak performances - freeing them from technical concerns and allowing them to concentrate on the music.

Adam Abeshouse records in top studios and concert halls around the world. He offers a full range of services including identifying and booking recording locations, producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering.

The recording equipment owned and used by Mr. Abeshouse contributes greatly to the success of his recordings. His preeminent microphone collection features many DPA, B&K, Neumann Tube and FET (customized by Klaus Heyne), RCA 44s and 77s, Flea 47 and 49's, Royer, Coles & AEA Ribbon Mics, AKG, Telefunken Tubes, Shure, Sennheiser, and many others. The microphones are coupled with the highest quality preamps by Millenia Media, Neve 1073s, M1s by John Hardy, Fern Tube, Neve, and TL Audio, which enables Mr. Abeshouse to custom match microphone and preamps to fit artists' specific needs.  He uses Prism analogue to digital converters, Genelec Monitors, and the Pyramix System for recording, editing and mastering.  


Adam Abeshouse has over a decade of experience mastering classical recordings. In addition for providing mastering for CD audio, Mr. Abeshouse also offers mastering in 5.1 Digital Surround Sound for DVD, television broadcast, and film. Other services offered include sound restoration and improvement for historical and problematic recordings. 

For over ten years, Mr. Abeshouse has served as the mastering engineer for "Great Performances from the Library of Congress," a series of recordings co-produced by Bridge Records of never-before issued concert performances recorded in the Library of Congress' Coolidge Auditorium from 1937 through the present. 

Orchestral Live Recording Consultation and Optimization

For many orchestras, economic pressures have moved recording away from studio sessions to live performances. In addition to full service live recording, Adam Abeshouse offers a cost effective way to transform an orchestra's archival recordings into audio suitable for commercial release.

Through initial on-site consultation Mr. Abeshouse optimizes an orchestra's existing live recording setup, always keeping in mind the available budget. Mr. Abeshouse then works with the orchestra to determine a budget for remixing and mastering of the live recorded material. Throughout the entire process, Mr. Abeshouse is in constant communication with the orchestra's music director or other artistic staff regarding the editing and sound of the recording. The end product showcases the ensemble with improvements to balance and blend, while retaining the spontaneity of a live concert (without the distraction of coughing and other audience noise).

Orchestras with which Adam Abeshouse has worked include the London Symphony Orchestra, Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of St. Luke's, the New York Pops, Prague Radio Orchestra, St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Dallas Symphony, Tonhalle Orchestra, San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, Amsterdam Baroque, English Chamber Orchestra, Odense Symphony Orchestra, Dayton Philharmonic, Kansas City Symphony, North Carolina Symphony, Alabama Symphony, Charleston Symphony, Virginia Symphony, Philharmonia Virtuosi, String Orchestra of New York, Colorado Festival Orchestra, and the Riverside Symphony.

Quality recordings created in cost effective ways can be used by orchestras not only for retail purposes, but as donor incentives, thank-you gifts, online promotional and marketing collateral, and more.

Installation Consultation

Having consistently delivered high quality sound recordings in a wide variety of locations and halls, Adam Abeshouse is particularly suited to quickly discern a hall's strengths and weaknesses, and then develop a plan for how to record in it successfully. As a design and recording consultant, he draws on his vast knowledge of current and past technology (based on more than 20 years of experience maintaining a state of the art studio) melded with his ability to satisfy musicians' needs, always keeping maximization of the equipment and budget in mind. He can make recommendations for specific microphones and other equipment to get the best possible recorded sound in the particular space being assessed. Adam Abeshouse also offers oversight on project installation and production of the first professional recordings in a new or renovated location or studio.


Adam Abeshouse is available for masterclasses on recording technique, understanding how technology and acoustics work together, how to run a recording session for the benefit of the artist, and much more. Through these master classes, students can gain an understanding of the fundamentals of proper technique and apply this to their own recordings, an increasingly beneficial skill set as entrepreneurship in the music world gains importance.